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Rawlinson & Hunter LLP COVID-19 Support

With the rapidly changing and uncertain environment surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and the amount of information frequently being supplied and updated by the UK Government, there is an abundance of information and support for businesses and individuals to digest. 

To assist our clients and readers in sourcing relevant information about government initiatives, financial assistance, guides and support eligibility, we have set up this dedicated COVID-19 Business Relief resource hub containing technical resources and insights.

We will be updating this hub regularly as new information becomes available. 

Should you have any queries or concerns, please do get in touch with your usual Rawlinson & Hunter adviser, or with one of our key business advisers.

Latest Technical Publications

Second Lockdown – Furlough Extension

Second Lockdown – Furlough Extension

6 Nov 2020

New Lockdown and the Extended Furlough Scheme

New Lockdown and the Extended Furlough Scheme

2 Nov 2020

The Chancellor’s Winter Economy Plan

The Chancellor’s Winter Economy Plan

27 Oct 2020


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